Version1 is a multi-property esports organization. We are proudly owned by Minnesota Vikings owners the Wilf family and entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk. Our teams include Minnesota Røkkr in the Call of Duty League, Version1 in Rocket League and Version1 in VALORANT, as well as a growing roster of streamers.

Everything we do is a test. We are creators, not creations. Victory isn’t the end, it’s the beginning.


In addition to our teams and content creators, Version1 employs over 20 full-time staff across content, communications, partnerships, business development, operations and finance. We believe in the power of uniting people from different backgrounds to build the best organization we can.

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With a fanbase of over 420,000* and counting, Version1 is a trusted authority on gaming and gamers, and seeks to lay the foundation for an even better esports industry in the future by setting new standards for quality, community and education.

*Based on social media followers as of March 2022


In 2020 MRI Simmons studies of Call of Duty and Rocket League fans, over 71% said they are more likely to purchase from a brand that sponsors esports, and over 69% said they wish there was more sponsorship in esports. We work with brands to create customized partnership integrations that reach these supportive and receptive fans in key demographics.

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Esports communities are different. According to a 2019 study by NewZoo, while the esports market reaches 443.1 million people, 71% of them only follow one game. We offer our experience and expertise to organizations looking to enter this nuanced and high-potential space. Our consulting services range from education and immersion programs to bespoke strategic guidance at the executive level.

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Our 11,000 square foot headquarters is a state-of-the-art esports training facility and operations center located next to the TCO Performance Center on the Viking Lakes Campus in Eagan, Minnesota.

Version1 HQ opened in January of 2020, and the space features several content capture areas, a production studio, merchandise shop, livestreaming stations, practice rooms for our players, and a full suite of hospitality amenities for hosting large events. 

Version1 frequently hosts watch parties at HQ, and provides fans, school groups, and community members private tours of the facility on a regular basis.

“Our headquarters provides an incredible environment for the collaboration, creativity and competitive preparation that drive the success of Version1. Bringing our teams, creators and staff together is just the start. We see this facility as a hub of activity for the local esports community as well.”



We are a family-owned business and we do our best to act like it. Version1’s values of improvement, inclusion and imagination are a daily practice for our players and staff.


Maybe you’re a gamer. Maybe you’re not. Maybe you’ve seen this industry booming and want to learn more about it. Start your esports career with us.

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Are you the best of the best? Becoming a professional esports player is not just a fantasy. It takes hard work, a lot of grinding and a ton of innate talent — and the ability to demonstrate that talent under pressure. Interested?

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