V1 Rocket League: RLCS Fall Major Day 2 Recap

Torment being interviewed after Version1 Rocket League's match against Team PWR at the RLCS Fall Major in Rotterdam.

With a 3-1 record in the Swiss Stage, Version1 Rocket League has qualified directly to the playoffs at the RLCS Fall Major in Rotterdam. On the second day of Swiss Stage play, V1 recorded the fourth-ever perfect in RLCS LAN history during their series against PWR.

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If you’re in Minnesota, join us at Version1 HQ for a world-class watch party bright and early on Sunday morning. Grab some donuts, warm beverages, and watch the games on our massive TV. Learn more about this event and RSVP here.

Version1 vs. Oxygen Esports
RLCS Fall Major | Swiss Stage 3

Game 1

Despite a strong offensive opening from Version1, Oxygen found the first goal of the series at 2:18. V1 was unable to equalize before the end of regulation, and Oxygen took a 1-0 lead in the series. 

Game 2

After a back-and-forth opening minute, a rare misplay from Version1 gave Oxygen the opening goal of the second match. BeastMode tied the match at 1-1 shortly afterwards at 3:23. Oxygen reclaimed the lead, but a 0:00 second goal from Comm sent the match to OT. V1’s celebrations were short-lived, however, as Oxygen took a successful shot on goal almost immediately after kickoff.

Game 3

Oxygen continued to apply pressure in the third match of the series, finding two unanswered goals in the opening minutes of play. Torment connected a shot at 1:51, but another goal for Oxygen put the match and series out of reach for V1.

Version1 vs. Team PWR
RLCS Fall Major | Swiss Stage 4

Game 1

After a disappointing first series against Oxygen, Version1 showed up in fine form against Team PWR in their final Swiss Stage series of the RLCS Fall Major. BeastMode scored the first goal of the series at 3:08.

Team PWR struggled to retain their composure before the end of regulation. A second unanswered goal from V1 put the score at 2-0, and gave Version1 a 1-0 series lead.

Game 2

After a dominant Game 1, Version1 continued to apply pressure to Team PWR, with a goal from Comm giving V1 a 1-0 lead while their opponents struggled to find their offensive footing. A second goal from BeastMode at 0:40 was the nail in the coffin for Team PWR, who failed to find their first goal of the series before the end of regulation.

V1’s series lead extended to 2-0.

Game 3

With Team PWR now facing series point without a single goal to their name, Version1 deployed patient and methodical style in Game 3. With two goals going in V1’s favor and the clock ticking down, Team PWR were unable to reply and Version1 took a perfect 3-0 sweep in the series without allowing their opponents to score.