Going Pro: How to Become a Professional Esports Player


Looking to break into the professional esports scene? It takes hard work, a lot of grinding and a ton of innate talent and drive – plus the ability to demonstrate your talent under pressure. Like most esports teams, we don’t have tryouts or an application process, but there are a number of ways to show you are the best of the best.

No “tried and true” method exists for the path to becoming a pro esports player, but we do know a few tips for anyone interested in taking the leap.

    • Choose your game
      Your best chance of success starts with focusing on a game that utilizes your natural skills. The saying “jack of all trades, master of none” applies here, and esports teams are looking for masters. Pick one game on one platform (ideally whichever one the pros play it on) and become the best.


    • Invest in your craft
      After you choose your game and your platform, you will need to enhance your gear to the best of your abilities. While you don’t need the newest or best gear, you will need to make an effort to eliminate as much lag as possible and ensure the top performance out of your platform of choice.


    • Hustle like this is your job
      Because it is. To get on track with success, many esports hopefuls create a schedule. This schedule includes practice time (which on average totals around 7 – 9 hours a day) with time added in for learning as well — this includes watching streamers who play the same game as you, informational videos, and even scrims.


    • Network
      Find others who share your passion and connect with them. This will open doors to important opportunities such as invites to tournaments or scrims with other teams. And speaking of teams, join a gaming community or league if applicable. This will help you gain a following or at least build on your connections. While networking may seem boring (or even unnecessary), growing your sphere of influence can help yield recognition from potential sponsors, which are integral to your success in the professional scene.

No one knows all the answers, but hopefully you now have a better understanding of what it will take to become a professional in the esports industry. Good luck and hope to see you soon. #neverdone

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