Eight Rejected Version1 Merchandise Ideas

8 Rejected Version1 Merch Ideas

The Version1 merchandise store is a carefully curated selection of items—from our iconic Version1 scarf to our stylish Minnesota Røkkr Essentials collection, every piece is a labor of love.

We have high standards, and if we’re selling something to our fans, it goes through a rigorous approval and revision process to make sure it meets those standards.

But nobody gets it right every time.

These are the pieces of merchandise that, for various reasons, didn’t quite make the cut.

A “That Was Easy” Button But It Plays Comm Trash Talk Clips When You Press It

Purple button that says "gg ez" on it.

Product Description

Tell ’em how you really feel! Just press the button, and you’ll hear a soundbite of Comm yelling! Perfect for family dinners, funerals, and first dates.

Reason For Rejection

Button would wear out too quickly. Unable to find a vendor that can make the button durable enough.

Version1 Magic 8-Ball

Purple magic 8 ball with "Version1" written on it. The magic 8 ball is displaying "Version1 is going to win."

Product Description

Like a regular Magic 8-Ball, but all of the sides say “Version1 Is Going To Win.”

Reason For Rejection

Our legal team killed this one. We were pretty bummed.

Version1 Cowbells

Purple cowbell that says "Version1" on it.

Product Description

A purple cowbell with a Version1 logo on both sides. We were going to hand out thousands of these to the crowd at the RLCS Spring Major in London.

Reason For Rejection

Cowbells are loud and incredibly obnoxious. Someone in the Communications department said this was “a great idea, if our plan is to ruin the event and make every single Rocket League esports fan hate us in the process.”

Version1 Vuvuzela

Purple vuvuzela with "Version1" written on it.

Product Description

After the cowbell idea was rejected, we proposed making purple vuvuzelas with “Version1” written on them. Custom vuvuzelas are much cheaper to manufacture than cowbells, so we would be able to make sure every single person in the crowd at the Spring Major had a vuvuzela! 

Reason For Rejection

This was immediately vetoed and nobody ever told us why.

Nubzy Bobblehead

Bobblehead of Joey "Nubzy" and the figure is proudly displaying their Version1 shirt.

Production Description

It’s Joey Nubzy, but he’s a bobblehead!

Reason For Rejection

Nubzy’s form is too powerful to be captured in miniature.


Version1 Burn Ointment

A purple tube of burn ointment. The text on the tube reads: "SICK BURN CREAM" and underneath that, there is text that says "APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE EGO"


Product Description

A tube of burn ointment with our logo on the cap and sides. After we roast a team on Twitter, we send them this burn cream and a sympathy card.

Reason For Rejection

This isn’t merchandise, this is a stupid joke that costs money.


Dillon “Attach” Price Pomade

A small jar of pomade called "ATTACHMENT." Call of Duty player Dillon "Attach" Price is featured on the label.


Product Description

Looking to emulate the best hair in the entire CDL? We’ve got you covered! ATTACHMENT pomade gives you more volume than an open mic in a Call of Duty lobby!

ATTACHMENT is made from precious metals, [REDACTED], sustainably grown [REDACTED], and [REDACTED] harvested by family-owned farms in the peninsula of [REDACTED].

Reason For Rejection

Attach insisted that he would have to personally inspect and approve every batch of pomade to ensure it was up to his standards. For logistics reasons, this was deemed “not viable.”

Minnesota Røkkr Bag Of Rocks

A purple drawstring bag with a Minnesota Røkkr logo on it and a small pile of rocks next to it.

Product Description

It’s a bag of rocks! Each rock in the bag is personally selected by Minnesota Røkkr players!

Reason For Rejection

Nobody wants to buy a bag of rocks.