Version1 Rocket League Signs Daniel

Version1 Rocket League Daniel Roster Announcement

Today, Version1 announced that Daniel “Daniel” Piecenski will be joining Version1’s Rocket League roster in place of veteran Kyle “Torment” Storer. Daniel will be competing alongside Robert “Comm” Kyser and Landon “Beastmode” Konerman; the new-look Version1 roster will compete for the first time in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) Spring split.

Daniel broke onto the Rocket League scene in 2020, turning heads when he became the first player to hit the in-game rank of “Supersonic Legend” in Rocket League’s 1v1 playlist at the age of 14. As a highly anticipated prospect, Daniel was signed by Spacestation Gaming (SSG) once he turned 15 and became eligible to compete in the RLCS.

“Version1’s goal is to build teams that consistently qualify for, and have a high chance to win international major events,” explained Jacob Trobaugh, Vice President of Esports and Acquisitions. “After the Winter Split, Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez, Version1’s head coach, expressed to management that signing Daniel would make Version1 an immediate championship contender.”

With their number one choice now targeted, Version1 began coordinating potential trade and transfer opportunities.

“Once we got approval from our players and coaches and confirmed Daniel’s interest in joining, we organized a transfer deal bringing Daniel to Version1 in place of Torment.”

To date, Daniel has helped SSG earn top-place finishes across multiple RLCS LAN appearances. He has played 428 career games in the RLCS and participated in a staggering 60.88% of goals scored by his team.

“We will now have the luxury of being one of the most mechanical teams in North America and should be able to hit the pitch with a variety of playstyles, making our team much more difficult to prepare for. The goal is to be competing on Sunday at every Major.”

Daniel’s success on his former team is undeniable, but he is still chasing a top finish on the world stage. The young prodigy expects to find that in his new team. “I decided to play for Version1 because I think Comm and BeastMode are really good players, and I think I’ll fit in because I’m a third man,” he says.

After an unexpectedly poor showing during the Winter Split, Version1 are ready to reclaim their spot as one of the top teams in North America and the world heading into the Spring Split.