V1 Rocket League Event Recap: RLCS Fall Cup Main Event Day 1 (Swiss Stage)

V1 Rocket League RLCS Fall Cup Swiss Stage

Version1 began its run in the Fall Cup today with the Swiss Stage of the tournament. In order to qualify for the top 8 and advance to bracket play, V1 Rocket League had to win 3 series out of a possible 5.

Version1 vs Dignitas

Torment opened the series with the first goal for Version1. Dignitas were able to answer back, tying the match, and Game 1 remained deadlocked going deep into the second half. Goals netted on either side of the field kept the scoreboard even and sent Game 1 to Overtime. A heavily contested OT resulted in a winning goal from Comm, giving Version1 the 3-2 Game 1 win. A back-and-forth Game 2 remained tied going into the last few seconds of regulation. Unfortunately, Dignitas were able to capitalize and take the lead. With no time for V1 to respond, Dignitas took Game 2, 3-1. A defense-heavy Game 3 also went in favor of Dignitas, putting them on series point.

Fighting back in Game 4, BeastMode took control early for Version1 with a stunning prejump to redirect a pass from Dignitas and net the opening goal. Despite Dignitas momentarily regaining the lead, V1 were equally successful on the goalline, taking the Game 4 win, 4-2. An early Game 5 lead from V1 was matched in the second half by Dignitas, sending the final game of the series to overtime. OT was swiftly ended with an open-net goal from BeastMode, giving V1 the victory, 4-3. Version1 took the series, 3-2.

Version1 vs G2

A perfectly placed shot from Comm opened the second series of the day in favor of Version1. Traded goals evened the score and sent the first game to OT. In a highly contested overtime, G2 were the first to answer, taking the Game 1 win, 3-2. Relentless offensive pressure from G2 gave them the lead in Game 2. Version1 fought back but could not equalize, yielding the victory in Game 2. Despite a valiant attempt from Version1, G2 remained locked in through Game 3, taking a late lead and securing the 1-0 win. G2 took the series win, 3-0.

Version1 vs OpTic Gaming

OpTic took control with an early lead in Game 1. Despite Version1 fighting back on offense, the first game went in favor of OpTic, 3-0. BeastMode swiftly answered for V1 in Game 2, netting a goal off the opening kickoff. Version1 maintained their early momentum with both Comm and Torment contributing to the lead, securing a dominant Game 2 win, 6-1.

A back-and-forth Game 3 remained deadlocked going into the final minute of play. Comm locked in a hat trick with back-to-back late-game goals to secure the victory for Version1, 3-1.  An equally close Game 4 remained tied through regulation, sending the game to overtime. The game was quickly decided after a passing play from BeastMode to Torment netted the winning goal. Version1 took Game 4, 3-2, and the series, 3-1.

Version1 vs Complexity

The fourth series of the day kicked off with an early lead for Complexity. Despite several shots on offense, V1 were unable to equalize. Complexity took Game 1, 3-0. Version1 were the first to answer in Game 2 with an incredible goal from BeastMode. A hat trick from Torment cemented V1’s lead and they took a sweeping Game 2 victory, 4-0.

A closely contested Game 3 was sent to overtime after neutralizing goals from both teams. A close battle in OT was won by Complexity, giving them the Game 3 win. Both teams fought for control in Game 4, with Version1 taking the slight edge. Playing airtight on defense, V1 were able to deny any of Complexity’s attempts to even the score and they secured the Game 4 victory, 2-1. Coming out aggressive in Game 5, Complexity were able to take an early lead. Despite Version1 fighting to even the score, Complexity were able to maintain their lead and take the Game 5 win and series victory.

Version1 vs Shopify Rebellion

The last series of the day started off with an explosive early goal from Torment. A beautiful pass from BeastMode to Comm quickly netted Version1 their second goal of Game 1. Version1 remained dominant and easily secured the Game 1 victory, 4-2. The opening goal went to BeastMode after a clinical misdirect faked out Shopify’s defense. On defense, Version1 remained defiant, keeping Shopify firmly out of the net. Another set of goals from V1 firmly solidified a dominant Game 2 win, putting them on series point.

Shopify took an early opening goal in Game 3, but impeccable game sense from Version1 resulted in a string of incredible goals, giving them the lead. Despite a last-second goal from Shopify to try and force OT, BeastMode was quick to net one of his own, giving Version1 the Game 3 win, 4-3, and the series win, 3-0.

With our victory over Shopify Rebellion, we secured our place in the top 8. We will continue our Fall Cup run tomorrow where we will begin bracket play.