V1RL’s Comm on Psychological Warfare, The Power Of Confidence, and Mentorship

Comm had the most demos in a best-of-7 series at the RLCS Winter Major.

The RLCS Winter Major was the first Rocket League LAN event in over two years. For V1RL’s Robert “Comm” Kyser, it was a special moment.

“I had been at smaller LANs before, but nothing anywhere nearly as large. It was amazing getting to meet all the people I know from playing online and getting to meet all the fans — signing things, taking pictures, all that stuff. It was a unique experience and one that I won’t ever forget.”

Mind Games

Comm describes himself as “always having been an energetic player,” and his colorful personality was on full display during the group stage at the RLCS Winter Major. “I had a great time in the studio yelling at the other teams, to be honest,” he says. “If you’re afraid of the other team, you’re going to play worse. You can tell when you’re in someone’s head, and I knew it was working when I looked over there and I locked eyes with one of them for a few seconds. I smelled blood in the water, so I just kept poking and prodding.”

Comm is acutely aware of the mental side of the game, and the role it plays in determining both individual performance and team success. “Your energy influences your playstyle. The more energetic and hyped up you are with your teammates, the more confidently you play. When you’re confident, there are a lot more risks that you take, and you do things that otherwise you might not be able to. It can pay off in a huge way.”

Role Models and Mentorship

“Back in the day, there were a lot of players I thought of as a role models,” says Comm. “But the one I looked up to the most was, funnily enough, Torment. When I was transitioning from 1s to 3s, I vividly remember pulling up Torment’s replays, and studying them to try and figure out what he was doing so I could copy it. It was amazing to end up on a team with Torment — I had been looking up to him for years and years at that point, and I learned so much from him.”

The RLCS Winter Major was BeastMode’s first offline event, and the youngest member of Version1 delivered explosive plays throughout the team’s run at the event. “I see a lot of a younger me in him,” says Comm. “It’s easy for me to understand how he’s playing, and what he’s trying to do. I feel like I can help teach him some of the things I didn’t have anyone to teach me when I was that age.”

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