Version1 Announces Partnership With Pagoda® Snacks

Version1 has announced a partnership with Pagoda Snacks. This is an image of Pagoda egg rolls underneath text that says "PAGODA"

August 22nd, 2022 — As non-endemic brands continue to expand their presence in the esports and gaming entertainment industry, Version1 has announced a new partnership with Pagoda® Snacks. The brands are collaborating to produce original content about Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II in the weeks before and after the game is released on October 29, 2022. Pagoda® Snacks will also sponsor livestreamed broadcasts from three of Version1’s content creators—Nosyy, Almond, and Krissy—and integrate Pagoda® Snack branding and messaging into the other digital platforms they use to communicate with fans.

The decision to leverage Version1’s production capabilities and content creation channels reflects the Pagoda® Snacks brand’s ongoing commitment to finding new ways to bring their signature egg rolls to a younger audience that is increasingly difficult to reach through traditional marketing channels.

The Pagoda® Snacks brand  has already generated significant momentum around their products by using gaming platforms to create exciting content and opportunities that resonate with key audiences.

Pagoda® Snacks has seen a ton of success when we double down on gaming. In 2021, Pagoda® Snacks received an Online Media and Marketing Advertising Award for partnering with Twitch gaming streamers to execute egg roll snack drops mid-stream. Pagoda® Snacks was named a Top 12 TikTok Partner after challenging TikTok creators to ‘Put The Egg Rolls In’ their own video concepts, and won an Effie Gold Award for media content partnerships,” says Sophie Kohl, Senior Marketing Associate at Schwan’s Consumer Brands, Inc., the owner of Pagoda® Snacks.

For Pagoda® Snacks, the enthusiastic community supporting Version1’s esports teams and content creators made the organization an ideal partnership candidate.

Version1 Rocket League has advanced to the playoffs at RLCS Worlds. In this image, Beast, Comm, Torment, and Fireburner are entering the arena. Comm is wearing a cowboy hat.

“Version1 has an engaged fanbase that is passionate about gaming,” says Kohl. “We want to authentically connect with Version1 fans and show them that our egg rolls make a great snack for gaming. By partnering with Version1, we’re able to spread the word about Pagoda in a way that resonates with this fanbase.”

Call of Duty is one of the largest entertainment franchises in the world, and each new installment in the series attracts millions of players.

“The sheer volume of online discussion about Call of Duty games in the period before and after launch is nothing short of remarkable,” says Blaise Butler, Partnerships Manager at Version1. “It’s an incredibly exciting time for players, and for a brand like Pagoda, it’s a unique opportunity to be part of the conversation.”

“If you look at the landscape of the gaming industry, large companies frequently try to insert themselves into milestone events like these, but they end up falling short because they aren’t actually providing anything of value to the audiences they’re trying to reach,” says Butler. “The content portfolio we’re developing with Pagoda® Snacks around Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is being carefully designed to make sure we are adding value to the community.”

With Version1’s content creators, the gaming organization is committed to helping Pagoda® Snacks have a meaningful and genuine presence during their livestreams that helps the brand connect with new fans. “The relationship a streamer builds with their audience is at the core of everything they do, and we’re excited to bring Pagoda® Snacks into these communities in a way that strengthens that relationship,” says Butler.

Pagoda® Snacks is the latest food industry brand to establish a formal partnership with Version1. Earlier this month, Bush’s® Beans signed a sponsorship deal with Version1, and as part of this partnership, the organization will be hosting a collegiate Rocket League tournament to benefit youth food insecurity non-profit GENYOUth in September. Over the summer, Midwest Dairy became the Official Nutrition Partner of Version1 Rocket League ahead of the team’s final push towards the season playoffs.