V1 sarah’s VALORANT Crosshair Settings and Code: Play Like A Pro

V1 Sarah's crosshair settings in VALORANT maximize enemy visibility during gunfights.

V1 sarah’s current VALORANT crosshair settings are perfect for players who already have precise aim and clean crosshair placement and want to maximize enemy visibility during gunfights. Many players who want to improve at VALORANT often choose to copy the crosshairs of professional gamers, and for good reason.

The VALORANT crosshairs used by players like V1 sarah have been ruthlessly optimized over time, and sarah has made countless adjustments and small tweaks to her crosshair to ensure the settings are tailored to her specific playstyle.

V1 sarah: VALORANT Crosshair Settings

There are two ways to copy V1 sarah’s crosshair settings in VALORANT.  We’ll go over both of them in the next two sections.

Importing V1 sarah’s Crosshair Profile

In Patch 4.05, Riot Games introduced a system that allowed players to share their VALORANT crosshair settings by generating a code and then sharing that code with others. This is arguably the easiest way to use the crosshair settings of any professional VALORANT player. All you need to do is copy and paste their unique crosshair code.

This is V1 sarah’s crosshair code:


First, copy this crosshair code to your clipboard. After launching VALORANT, open the Settings menu, and then navigate to the Crosshair tab.

Locate the icons next to the Crosshair Profile section, then select Import Profile Code.

Importing the crosshair code of V1 VALORANT's sarah.

After clicking this, a box will appear. Paste V1 sarah’s crosshair code into this box, then click Import.

Recreating V1 sarah’s Crosshair Settings

The second way to use V1 Sarah’s crosshair settings isn’t quite as streamlined as the first option, but the end result is exactly the same.

Open the Settings menu and navigate to the Crosshair tab. From there, go to the Primary tab.

Adjust the crosshair settings to match V1 sarah’s by changing the individual values for each part of the crosshair. In the Primary tab, change the values to the ones listed below — the numbers are listed in the same order that each individual crosshair setting appears in this menu.

  • Crosshair: 0.5, 1, 1, 2, Off, Off, Off
  • Inner: 1, 0, 2, 1, 1, 1, Off, Off
  • Outer: 1, 3, 2, 0, 1, 1, Off, Off

Once you’ve followed the instructions above, you’re ready to try out V1 sarah’s crosshair for yourself!

We’ll share the VALORANT crosshair settings used by meL, Noia, florescent, and alexis in the coming weeks.