VALORANT Beginner’s Guide


New to Valorant or still too afraid to ask your friends how the game actually works? Here’s a quick guide to get you up to speed on the game and onto the playing field.

The basics

Valorant, created by Riot Games, is a first person shooter game primarily played in a five versus five game mode, though there are other options in the game.

The objective

Win, obviously. But you do so in two ways. If you are playing as an “Attacker” your goal is to plant the bomb (called a “spike”) and secure its detonation. If you’re a “Defender” you are trying to defuse the planted spike, which you must do as a Defender to win. As the Attacker you can also win by defeating all opponents on either side.

After 12 rounds, the two sides flip, so the Attackers become the Defenders and vice versa. The first team to 13 round victories will win the game.

Overall, the mechanics work much like the popular shooter “Counter Strike: Global Offensive” (CS:GO). Also similar to CS:GO, Valorant includes a currency-based economy within the game – the more money you have, the better your chances at securing the best weapons, character abilities and other purchasable items.

The differentiators

The important distinction between Valorant and other shooters is that each Valorant character possesses a unique set of abilities ranging from flashbangs, teleportation and healing. These abilities are either passive and regenerate on their own over time, or purchasable within the store like weapons and armor.

Lastly, each character possesses a special “ultimate” move, which players need to charge in order to use. To charge your ultimate ability, you must secure kills or simply finish rounds; you will earn one charge for each round you finish.

Hopefully by reading this introduction to Valorant, you’re eager to jump in and try it for yourself. Afterall, that’s the best way to learn to perfect your play styles and movement techniques so you can realize your full potential in the game.

Good luck out there!