Esports 101 – Common Terminology


Seeing words such as “scrims” or acronyms like “ADS” or “LFG” may confuse people new to or completely unfamiliar with the gaming industry.

In this Esports 101, we will help clarify some of the most popular and widely used terms. Each game or community may use variations or specialized acronyms, but this glossary will help get you up to speed.


1v1: stands for “one versus one,” or “one-on-one” combat

ADS: acronym for “aim down sights,” meaning when someone looks down the scope of their weapon

AR: acronym for “assault rifle,” a common weapon type in most shooting games

Bet: depending on the context, “bet” can initiate a challenge (“You can’t get a higher kill count than me.” “Bet.”) or can simply mean “yes”

Cap/no cap: means “kidding” or “not kidding”

Comms: shortening of the word “communications,” referring to players communicating with each other, often in competitive and team-based games via headset

DPS: acronym for “damage per second,” typically used in relation to how much damage a weapon can do versus another weapon to gauge its usefulness

EZ: shortening of the word “easy”

F2P: acronym for “free to play,” typically used to describe games or platforms

GG/gg or GGWP/ggwp: acronyms for “good game” and “good game, well played”

GLHF/glhf: acronym for “good luck, have fun”

Grind: a word used to describe playing a game as often as possible in order to advance in levels, improve skills or receive the best in-game rewards. Typically used as “he’s been grinding Call of Duty all day” or “she’s been on the Warzone grind”

KDA: acronym for “kills, deaths and assists” in game – “assists” being when someone did some damage to an enemy but someone else got the final kill

LFG: acronym for two separate situations- “looking for group,” for when someone is requesting a team or group to play with; or “let’s ****ing go”

Meta: acronym for “most efficient tactic available,” also known as the best setup of weapons/armor/etc in a game to achieve the best outcome for your situation. For example: “The AR is meta right now, you have to use it to win”.

MLG: acronym for the company Major League Gaming, but also used as an adjective for very skilled or hard-core gamers

Newb/noob/n00b: refers to a new player who may not be familiar with the game, typically used as an insult

Orgs: shortening of the word “organizations”

Pubs: shortening of “public matches,” which is a match played against random opponents

PvP/PvE: acronyms for “player versus player” and “player versus environment,” the two most common game mode options

Rip: acronym for “rest in peace,” pronounced “rip” as in “Rip open the package,” not “R-I-P”

S-tier/top-tier: the “s” stands for “super” or “superb” and refers to the best of the best, “this game is top-tier”

Scrims: shortening of the word “scrimmages,” practices against other professional players


GG, you are no longer a n00b.