Esports 101 – So You Want a Job in Esports


Not everyone can become a professional player, but there are a multitude of different opportunities available for work in the esports industry. Much of the space can be confusing and filled with misinformation. We want to help you navigate through the rough waters with a bit of insight on how to land a job as an esports employee.


What skills do you have?

Take note of any particular skills you possess. Talented at writing? Graphic design? Marketing? A good idea of your skill will help steer you toward the type of jobs you will apply for.

Do you have a degree or any certifications? Not all organizations require a degree, but any type of higher education may help you stand out.

What level of experience can you provide? The more years you put into your craft, the wider your scope becomes. From intern to senior executive, jobs in the esports industry become available frequently if you know where to find them.


Where to look

Most of the typical job posting sites will provide the desired results, like these two examples:


Not all esports organizations or parent companies actively update their job postings LinkedIn, but don’t let that stop you for looking. LinkedIn offers users the option to turn on notifications for any company, which will send you an alert about any new job postings on their page. Don’t be afraid to look at esports partner companies as well (such as chair sponsors or beverage sponsors)—with esports continuing to grow, you never know what opportunities could arise for you there.


As one of the largest platforms for job postings in the esports industry, Hitmarker hosts a plethora of esports opportunities from all over the globe. Simply visit the website, set up a search and browse. Setting up parameters allows you to receive the same notification-style alert whenever a new job posting fits your criteria.

Aim to apply for jobs where you meet 80% or more of the requirements – don’t let a single line listing an unfamiliar software program or a different type of experience deter you from giving it a shot.


Polish and presentation

Presentation is important. Industry experience is not always a deal-breaker, but to stand out, put your best (and most professional) foot forward.

If you haven’t already, create a resume. For certain jobs, you’ll also need a portfolio of previous design or editing work. Once you have these two documents, reach out to a friend to help edit, copy edit or re-read your work. This will help catch any errors you missed.

Before submitting, double check the application to ensure you collected all of the necessary documents.

Lastly, keep grinding! Sometimes, consistency (and even persistency) are your keys to getting noticed by a potential employer. Good luck on your job search!