V1 Rocket League Event Recap: Fall Open Main Event Day 1 (Swiss Stage) | RLCS 2022-2023

Version1 went 3-2 in the Swiss Stage at the RLCS 2022-2023 Fall Open Main Event, advancing to the playoffs.

Following their 3-0 record at the Fall Open Top 16 Qualifiers, Version1 Rocket League entered the first day of the RLCS 2022-2023 Fall Open Main Event as the second seed—the 16 teams competing in the Fall Open would, over the course of the day, battle their way through the Swiss Stage in the hopes of moving on to the playoffs.

In order to advance to the next stage of the Fall Open Main Event, Version1 needed to win three series out of a possible five. The best teams in North America were all eager to start their RLCS season off with a strong showing, and V1 was no exception.

Version1 vs Team Axle

Version1 took control of Game 1 with a quick goal from Comm. Remaining rock-solid on defense, V1 denied Axle the opportunity to equalize. Version1 took a clean 1-0 victory in the first match of the series. Team Axle fought back in Game 2, taking an early lead. After an open-net goal from BeastMode and a follow-up from Comm gave Version1 an opportunity to tie the match, Team Axle were able to maintain their 3-2 advantage and take Game 2.

Game 3 was a back-and-forth affair, as both teams fought to take the lead in the series. Despite pressure across the field, the game remained scoreless going into the final minute. BeastMode scored the first goal of the match, but Team Axle retaliated quickly to bring the score to 1-1. The game advanced to overtime, and despite Version1’s strong defense, Axle found an opening in V1’s defenses and won Game 3.

Game 4 was dominated by strong offensive plays from both teams, but despite the battles on both goal lines, the score remained 0-0 as the final minute of regulation began. Locked in a defensive stalemate, neither team was able to score, and the match went to overtime. Team Axle’s hopes of winning the series in the fourth game were quickly snuffed out by BeastMode, who landed a clean shot in their net to give V1 the win in Game 4.

V1 quickly capitalized on the overtime momentum of Game 4 in the deciding match of the series—BeastMode scored a quick goal, giving Version1 a 1-0 lead in the match. Team Axle was tasked with the formidable goal of finding an opening in Version1’s careful defensive posturing, and as the end of regulation approached, they finally succeeded and scored an equalizing goal. The third overtime of the series was equal parts marathon and slugfest, lasting over nine minutes—Version1’s defenses held strong, and the team patiently waited for an opportunity. A beautiful passing play from V1 put Torment in the perfect position to score the game-winning goal, and Version1 emerged victorious from their first series of the day.

Version1 vs Faze Clan

After their nine-minute overtime match against Team Axle, Version1 were eager to take a decisive lead in the opening match of their series against FaZe Clan—BeastMode scored the opening goal seconds after the start of the game. Torment followed suit, landing a straight shot into FaZe Clan’s net, putting V1 up 2-0 early. FaZe Clan jockeyed to regain control of the match, but a beautiful interception from BeastMode gave Version1 their third goal of the series. FaZe Clan’s offense rallied, but Version1 retained a 3-2 lead at the end of regulation and claimed victory in Game 1.

Yet again, BeastMode found the first goal of the match shortly after Game 2 got underway—FaZe Clan replied, tying the match at 1-1. Comm made a brilliant series of maneuvers through the entirety of FaZe Clan’s defenses to give V1 their second goal of the match. FaZe Clan equalized, and the second half of the game was a much calmer affair until a late-game goal from FaZe Clan gave V1’s opponents the lead. FaZe Clan won Game 2, and the final score was 3-2.

With the series tied, V1 and FaZe Clan took turns making aggressive plays in the opening minutes of Game 3—neither team was able to take the lead, despite several close calls on both sides of the field. The stalemate was broken by a pass from BeastMode to Torment, who landed a clean shot in FaZe’s goal. Version1 extended their lead to two goals after a successful shot from BeastMode. FaZe refused to let the game slip out of their hands, but after allowing one goal from their opponents, Version1’s defense made short work of FaZe’s attempts to equalize. Version1 took the series lead with a 3-2 victory in Game 3.

FaZe scored the opening goal of Game 4, but Comm matched it with one of his own, tying the match. Neither team was able to put together a convincing effort on offense in the remainder of the first half, but FaZe found their footing late in the second half, scoring two goals and earning a 3-1 win in Game 4.

In the fifth and final game of the series. FaZe Clan took the lead—this was Version1’s second Game 5 of the day, and BeastMode delivered yet another crucial goal for Version1 to equalize the score at 1-1. The end of regulation approached, and the match went to overtime. FaZe Clan’s offense was aggressive and calculated, but V1 made a series of heroic saves to keep the game alive. Ultimately, FaZe managed to slip through the cracks on V1’s side of the field and score the game-winning goal.

The final series score was 3-2 in favor of FaZe Clan

Version1 vs SOL

Comm opened the series up early for V1 with a clean shot towards SOL’s net. Version1 played solid on offense and defense, keeping their 1-0 lead untouched as the final minute began to tick down. As the final seconds of the game approached, a slick shot from BeastMode gave V1 another goal. SOL replied, but Version1 took a 2-1 victory in Game 1.

Version1’s offense quickly set the pace for Game 2, as the three V1 players outmaneuvered SOL and kept the ball squarely on their side of the field. This aggression paid off with a goal line shot from Torment, putting V1 up 1-0. SOL were unable to answer, and Version1 secured the Game 2 win.

Game 3 began with an opening goal from SOL, but Torment was quick to answer for V1, tying the game up 1-1. Both teams were able to get a second goal, but neither could take the lead, sending the game to OT. After a battle for control, SOL answered first in overtime, taking the game 4 win, 3-2.

A midfield pass from Torment gave BeastMode an opening goal. SOL tied the match up with a goal of their own, and with little time on the clock, a heads-up play from BeastMode and Comm gave V1 back the lead. Playing through the final seconds of regulation, Version1 denied SOL’s attempt at an equalizer and won Game 4.

The final series score was 3-1 in favor of Version1.

Version1 vs Shopify Rebellion

Game 1 kicked off with an infield pass from Comm to BeastMode, setting up the opening goal for V1. Shopify tied the game up at 1-1 as the game moved into the second half. They also secured a second goal to take a late lead. V1 fought to equalize, but were unable, giving Shopify the first win. V1 went down 0-1 early in Game 2 but quickly answered with a decisive goal from BeastMode. Doubling down, BeastMode connected again with an insane flip reset goal. Gaining momentum, Torment and Comm also netted goals to solidify V1’s lead at 4-1. Shopify did not have an answer, giving Version1 the Game 2 win.

A battle for control dominated the opening half of Game 3. Shopify were able to strike first, taking the opening goal. A back-and-forth midgame saw constant offensive pressure on both sides of the field. Both teams were able to capitalize with goals, BeastMode netting two for V1 to tie up the game. A last-second goal from Shopify gave them the win in Game 3.

Game 4 was an onslaught of offensive pressure on both sides of the field. Despite the aggression, both teams remained airtight on defense, resulting in a scoreless game. Sent to overtime, the battle reigned on. Multiple heroic saves were made by either team, but Shopify were able to capitalize first, taking a 1-0 game win and the series victory, 3-1.

Version1 vs Pittsburgh Knights

Version1 came out strong in Game 1, with Torment putting in the opening goal. A fast read netted Pittsburgh Knights a tying goal as the second half of the game began. Back on offense, BeastMode was able to edge in a second goal for V1, giving them the lead. PK were unable to answer, giving Version1 a 2-1 win.

A back-and-forth Game 2 resulted in a scoreless first half. PK struck first, netting the first goal of the game. BeastMode swiftly answered with a set of dominant goals to put V1 up 2-1. PK were able to tie up the game and send it to OT.The match quickly settled by a goal from Torment to earn V1 a 3-2 win.

Both teams fought for control in the first half of Game 3. Despite constant offensive pressure, neither team was able to take an opening goal. As V1 transitioned back to offense, an impeccable shot from BeastMode put Version1 on the board and a second goal netted by Torment late in the second half was enough to secure the win. Version1 took the Game 3 win, 2-0, and the series victory, 3-0.

With their win over Pittsburgh Knights, Version1 secured their spot in the top 8. They will continue their journey through the Fall Open tomorrow, Saturday, October 8th, where they will face off against Gen.G.