V1VAL’s Zander on the IGL Mindset, His Esports Career, and Joining The Organization

Alexander "Zander" Dituri is the IGL of Version1's Valorant team (V1VAL).

Alexander “Zander” Dituri joined Version1’s Valorant roster as IGL in December of 2021 — since his arrival, the team has posted impressive results, including a flawless run through the Group Stage at the North American Valorant Challengers Tournament (NA VCT).  

The journey towards a career as a professional esports player is never easy, but after his brother showed him CS:GO, he approached the task with relentless determination. 

“After I graduated from elementary school, I got myself a PC. My brother introduced me to CS:GO, and I fell in love with the game. I had so much fun playing with my friends, and grinded my way up through the ESEA leagues, going higher and higher and getting better and better. This was my passion, you know? School was terrible for me, but I knew I could make a career out of this, even though it’s a crazy dream.” 

Joining the Version1 Roster 

The time Zander spent on the SoaR Gaming roster for the better part of 2021 helped him build a solid foundation — after signing with Version1, however, he has embraced a new approach to the game. 

“Version1 is a very different organization – it’s a much more professional environment, especially as far as organization and the team aspect of the game is concerned. We take practice much more seriously than we did at SoaR.” 

The IGL Mindset 

As an IGL, Zander is calm and confident – he attributes a lot of this to the influence of Immi, the coach of the Version1 Valorant team. 

At Version1, our coach, Immi, is responsible for establishing the hierarchy of the team. Immi has taught me what it means to be part of a professional team. He showed me what practices should look like, how to take and give criticism, and how to really own those responsibilities. The other guys have been together for about a year now, and I couldn’t just come in and ask them to respect me. You have to earn the respect of your team. I try to be the best leader that I can be, and if they respect me, then they respect me.” 

Feeling the Love 

The life of a professional gamer is not always easy, but Zander is immensely grateful for the team’s loyal and engaged fanbase — a group that also includes his family, who follow his career closely and serve as a constant source of encouragement.

“The support from the fans has been unreal lately. I see all of the Twitter comments, all of the Reddit comments, and it’s just been amazing. I want to give a huge shoutout to my entire family. My brother is my biggest fan — he watches all of my games and always texts me afterwards. My mom and dad have been watching my streams lately, too, and everyone has been tuning into the matches. It’s amazing to have such a supportive family, and I really appreciate them.” 

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