Version1 signs Rocket League content creator Krissy 



Today, Version1 announced its signed Rocket League content creator Krissy. She is the fifth creator the organization has signed since April. Krissy is a dynamic add, complimenting Version1’s professional team that competes in the Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS).  

“We are so excited to welcome Krissy to Version1. She’s very engaged with her community and does a great job entertaining her viewers and representing her own brand,” says Ashley Glassel, director of content at Version1. “Being able to tie Version1 into that will be great for both Krissy and V1. As the RLCS season approaches, Krissy is joining us just in time. We’re excited to introduce her community to V1 Rocket League through co-streams of RLCS matches and we look forward to creating organic content with Krissy and other creators in our organization.” 

Based in Atlanta, Krissy recently transitioned to a full-time career in content creation. She made the commitment to pursue a gaming career, leaving behind a secure, full-time job as a graphic designer at a global broadcast news outlet.  

Making the transition is one of Krissy’s proudest achievements.  

“I never realized I could turn my passion for gaming into a career until I found Rocket League,” says Krissy. “It wasn’t until early 2021 that I realized I had the potential … making the jump was scary, but I haven’t looked back since.” 

As she begins a new chapter at Version1, the first esports organization she’s been a part of, Krissy looks forward to building on her solid foundation of gaming expertise and to nurturing her community. “My community is so welcoming. We give everyone an equal chance, and no one is above anyone else. It’s a safe space for all!”   

Moving forward, Krissy aims to build relationships and collaborations with other content creators and build on her skills in casting and other professional areas of esports and gaming.    

As her community grows, Krissy will continue to focus on creating unique and compelling content with Version1, to stream and excel in Rocket League, and explore new games. Her other current favorites to play include VALORANT, Phasmaphobia, APEX and any Zelda game, which is where her passion for gaming was born as a child.  

In terms of what’s next, Krissy is excited about the forthcoming release of Battlefield and the steady return of LAN events – she’s very passionate about Rocket League esports – so she can attend to learn and explore and create content for her community, while she’s on the ground.